International air transportation

Key Principles & Advantages 

Today, air freight is a fast delivery service to almost every part of the world. This mode of transport has a number of advantages compared to land and sea transport. Air transport is considered the fastest and most reliable means of transportation, despite the high cost. In addition, sometimes planes are the only means of delivery possible. At the same time, this service has some disadvantages.

Pros of Air Cargo Transportation  

  • Speed: Air transportation is usually the fastest way to deliver goods to their destination.
  • Reliability: Sometimes there are delays in the transportation of cargos due to weather conditions and other reasons. Air transport is almost the least affected by these factors.
  • Opportunity to gain market share: It is the ideal transportation option for companies that want to adapt to tight deadlines and gain market share.

Why doesn't everyone choose air transportation?  

Please note that air transportation is not the only option, and at the same time, it is the most expensive type of transportation. Companies have different strategies, and there are different factors that they need to consider. As transportation costs are the major factor in the pricing policies of some companies, they prefer lower-cost transportation means.

Another difficulty is the elementary loading queue on flights between major cities. There are priority cargoes, perishable cargoes and unauthorized cargoes. The goods listed may change the flight schedule quickly, which affects the delivery time. However, the solution to this problem lies with the logistics department, and companies must be prepared for this.

As Global Logistics Services, we treat each customer individually and always pay attention to the route of cargo from the starting point to the destination. For this reason, the cargoes are delivered to the customers at the points of destination in accordance with the deadlines and without any problems.

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