Land transportation

International land transportation of cargoes allows large companies and entrepreneurs to work successfully with partners from different countries. GLS Company organizes the transportation of goods across Europe, Russia and CIS countries under the most favorable terms.

The delivery of cargoes is carried out by vehicles of both our company and our partners.

The delivery of cargoes by land to neighboring and European countries has the following advantages:

  • Efficiency: cargo transportation from Europe is carried out all day long, and the road traffic does not depend on the schedule, unlike air, water and rail roads;
  • Control: navigation aids track the transportation and placement of cargoes in real time;
  • Mobility: choosing the optimal route, taking into account customer budgets and desires regarding the duration of transportation.

Importing cars from Europe is the most profitable way of bringing products. The movement of vehicles does not practically depend on weather conditions. Therefore, long delays in transportation are rare.

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