What is multimodal transportation?

Multimodal transportation is a combination of different means of transportation to facilitate the movement of goods, i.e. to make it faster and more efficient.

This type of transportation involves the involvement of more than one vehicle to deliver a cargo to the destination. The key principle of multimodal transportation is to deliver goods to the final destination using trucks, trains, ships, planes or other means of transport.

Multimodal transportation has specific advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of this transportation is that it may enable to save both time and money. By choosing this type of transportation, entrepreneurs may optimize deadlines on the one hand and reduce inventory costs on the other hand. In addition, one of the main advantages of multimodal transport is a significant reduction in CO2 emissions to air.

Proper analysis is essential before choosing this type of transportation. For this, it is necessary to cooperate with logistics companies experienced in this field. GLS is ready to build the most cost-effective logistics chain for your cargoes, relying on its experienced team and reliable partners around the world.

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