What types of packaging are available?

Proper packaging of goods during transportation is very important. Because packaging protects transported goods from pollution and negative environmental effects, guarantees the absence of major and minor damage. The cargo must be packed carefully to minimize the possibility of damage. In this article, we will consider the most popular types of modern cargo packaging.

Pallet board

This is a sturdy wooden bowl with adjustable height. It is considered the most reliable type of packaging that protects the cargo from damage and unauthorized access. Length of pallet board - 1.2 m; width - 0.75 m; It is possible to pack goods weighing up to 1 ton.
Such packaging is intended for transportation of office equipment, photographic products, electrical goods, optics, lamps, medical products.

Hard packing

It is a wooden frame most often used for transporting breakable, fragile, non-standard and bulky goods. Protects transported goods from damage and unauthorized access.
Rigid packaging is used for the delivery of car parts, glass and ceramics, dishes, bicycles and motorcycles.

Hard case

It is a closed box with clear dimensions and provides maximum protection against cargo damage and unauthorized access. This packaging is usually used for transporting fragile goods (spare parts, office equipment, lamps, electrical goods).


Plastic sealed bags are used for packing small-sized goods. This type of packaging protects the goods from loss, keeps them clean, does not allow the goods to fall apart and groups the goods in places.
The height of this yukar is 1.3 m; width and length should not be more than 0.4 m.

Printed products, clothing and textiles, animal feed, various fastening materials are collected in bags.

Air bubble

It is a polyethylene elastic material that provides additional shock-absorbing protection of goods during transportation. It is used for especially fragile goods with a shiny surface, which have gaps, and which require additional fixation inside the package. Children's goods, household appliances, shoes, stationery, tobacco products are packed in air bubbles.

Cardboard box

Thick cardboard boxes protect cargo up to 30 kg from loss, deformation and unauthorized access. This package is used for transportation of food products, toys, dishes, medical supplies.

Stretch wrapping

Some shipments are additionally wrapped in stretch wrap that protects against damage and prevents dust from entering. This package can be used for goods with sharp corners, edges, protrusions.

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