Dangerous goods

As "Global Logistics Services" LLC, we are sharing information about dangerous goods on our blog today by Decision No. 75 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan (27.04.2000).
Dangerous goods are divided into 9 classes:
Class 1 — explosives (PM);
Includes: Ammunition, Tape, Missiles, Explosive
Class 2 — compressed, liquefied, or liquefied gases;
Includes: Air, Oxygen, Propane, Chlorine, Nitrogen
Class 3 — flammable liquids (TAM);
Includes: Gasoline, Oil, Oil, Kerosene, Alcohol
Class 4 — flammable solids; self-igniting substances; substances that generate flammable gases when in contact with water (BM);
Contains: Sulfur, Calcium, Aluminum
Class 5 — oxidizing substances and organic peroxides (OM);
Contains: Peroxide, Ammonia, Chlorides, Fertilizers
Class 6 — poisonous (toxic) and infectious (infectious) substances (ZM);
Includes: Pesticides, Infectious agents, Drugs, Arsenic
Class 7 — radioactive materials (RM);
Includes: Uranium, Radioactive substances, Nuclear materials
Class 8 — corrosive substances (KM);
Contains: Paint, Mercury, Acid, Alkali
Class 9 — other dangerous substances
Includes: Engines, Batteries, Rescue vehicles
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