LTL (Less Truck Load) stands for groupage transportation

LTL (Less Truck Load) stands for groupage transportation. The activity of transportation of cargo of different customers on the same route by means of the same transport is called group transportation. In this way, since the cargo you want to transport is transported together with different cargoes, you benefit economically.
The main purpose of groupage freight transportation is to reduce the cost of transportation to the minimum level by loading the loads required to be transported on the same route, even if the amount of cargo does not fill a full vehicle. In groupage transportation, the cargo of more than one customer is transported by one vehicle.
In group transportation, the weight and volume of the cargo are calculated, and the tonnage and area to be transported in the vehicle are calculated. The price is calculated according to the region where the cargo will go and the ready vehicles from that region. As soon as possible, the car will be directed to the indicated loading address. In groupage shipments, as the cargo of more than one customer is loaded, some delays may occur.
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