FTL (Full Truck Load)

The concept of FTL (Full Truck Load) is used for the full or almost full part of the capacity, where the same or different loads belonging to one customer are transported, the transported cargo is loaded onto a single vehicle and delivered from the loading address to the customer.

FTL freight transportation brings many advantages to the driver, the logistics company, and the customer alike. In this way, the logistics company does not have to incur additional costs in the face of some of the problems it faces during loading and unloading. The driver spends less time loading and unloading cargo. It also creates many of additional advantages for the customer. FTL provides the fastest transportation to transport the cargo directly from the loading point to the consignee without any transfers.

As Global Logistics Services, we approach each of our customers individually and always keep in mind the route of cargo from the starting point to the destination point. For this reason, the cargo is delivered to the customer on time and without any problems.

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