What is a Customs Declaration?

Customs declaration is a document submitted by individuals to the customs body in the form determined by the relevant executive authority (Cabinet of Ministers), reflecting the information required for the placement of goods under the appropriate customs procedure.
Compliance with the properties, origin, condition, quantity and value of the goods with the information specified in the customs declaration is checked.

How is the declaration made?
What is the declaration - verbal, written or electronic declaration of information to the customs body about the goods and means of transport that have passed through the customs border of the Republic of Azerbaijan and are placed under customs control;
The customs declaration is submitted to the customs authorities using electronic data processing methods. In the cases provided by the legislation, the declaration can be made verbally, in written and electronic forms or by other methods that create conditions for placing the relevant goods under the customs procedure. The customs declaration submitted in electronic form must have an electronic signature or other means of identification of the declarant. Customs declarations submitted in written form on paper must be signed by the declarant and certified by the declarant, who is a legal entity, with a seal.

When is the customs declaration submitted to the customs authority?
The customs declaration on the goods brought to the customs territory must be submitted to the customs authority at the place where the goods are brought to the customs territory, and when the internal transit special customs procedure is carried out, to the destination customs authority no later than 15 (fifteen) days after the date of submission.You can write to [email protected] and take advantage of our services for the quick and easy implementation of your customs procedures.

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