How many euro pallets or standard pallets can the truck carry?

It is important to know how many pallets the truck will take in cases where the products transported in import and export are loaded and transported in pallets rather than in bulk. Although there are trucks of different sizes and internal volumes, in most cases a vehicle called a tent truck is used.

How many euro pallets does the truck carry?
The dimensions of the tent trailer are standard 2.48 m wide and 13.60 m long. Euro pallet dimensions are 80 cm wide and 120 cm long. Where euro pallets are arranged in three rows in a row, 33 euro pallets can be comfortably accommodated.

How many standard pallets can the truck carry?
Since standard pallet sizes are larger than euro pallets, you can load fewer standard pallets on the truck. Standard pallets with a width of 100 cm and a length of 120 cm are loaded in 26 units on trailers with a width of 2.48 m and a length of 13.60 m. Two rows are required for this setup.

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