Packing List

What is packing list and how its created?
The concept of a packing list, which is often encountered in international logistics, is one of the most important documents from a commercial point of view. This document, which includes general shipping information, clearly states the information needed for import and export operations. But what is the packing list, how is it prepared, and which kind of information does it include? By getting clear answers to these questions, you can improve yourself in this field by learning more about packing list.

What does the packing list mean?
A packing list is a document that contains a wide range of information, from the packaging of each exported goods to the number of packages and product details. Such lists are very important for the easy clearance of cargo in customs procedures. Although there are ready-made templates for the packing list, as there is no official template in this area, companies can prepare the original documents themselves.

How to Create the Perfect and Full Packing List?
By paying attention to some details in the process of creating this list, you can create lists with ideal characteristics. Here are some things to keep in mind during this process:
  • The type of packaging of the transferred product must be specified.
  • The total amount of the package should be on the packing list.
  • The type of commodity to be transported must be mentioned.
  • Product features should be detailed.
  • Both the unit price and the total of each item must be written in the shipment.
  • The information about the sender and receiver should be detailed in the packing list of the product.
  • Product description should be mentioned.
  • The total number of products must be specified.
  • Information on the gross and net weight of the product must be provided.

In logistics, the packing list prepared for each export transaction should be professionally prepared for easy and quick completion of the work. At this point, getting reliable service from an experienced team is very important.
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