In the morning hours at 06.02.2023, there was a major earthquake in various parts of Turkey. As a result of the earthquake, a large number of people were died and injured, and buildings were severely damaged.

This earthquake has a negative impact on all areas as well as on logistics. Also, a fire breaks out in the Turkey's Iskenderun port after the earthquake. Hundreds of containers that were scheduled to be shipped to other countries and cities caught fire.

Iskenderun is one of Turkey's largest ports. According to the statistics of the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs, the port's total cargo turnover in 2022 was 67.6 million tons of cargo. It receives cargo ships, oil tankers, and container ships.

As Global Logistics Services, we express our sincere condolences to the people of Turkey.

In Turkey's Iskenderun port, a strong fire that started on Monday after the earthquake has not been extinguished so far. Hundreds of containers waiting to be shipped to other countries and cities were engulfed in flames.

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