Customs formalization

According to the customs legislation, during import, export or transit operations, goods and means of transport are placed under various customs procedures. These customs procedures are divided into two parts, 9 special and 5 general. As a Global Logistics Services company, we agree in advance with the importer or exporter the procedure under which the cargo will be placed, and carry out the corresponding customs documentation and other stages. Below is what is meant by appropriate documentation and other stages:

- Maintaining the proper preparation of relevant documents (eg: invoice, bill of lading, cmr, permission document, contract, etc.) in advance;

- When the cargo enters the territory of the country by land, before entering, electronic submission of the Short Import Declaration to the SSC;

- Compilation of the Customs Declaration electronically on the basis of the State Customs Committee in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, when the cargo is imported or exported, as well as during transit operations;

- Clearance of the goods under the prescribed customs procedure, keeping them under control until the customs process is completed.

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