Ro-Ro Transport

What is Ro-Ro Transport?

When the meaning of the word Ro-Ro is taken into account, it is understood that it is formed from the abbreviations of the words Roll on and Roll off. Ro-Ro shipping means the transportation of goods from one place to another by ships. Ships carrying these cargoes are called Ro-Ro ships. Ro-Ro ships allow cargo to be transported at minimum cost.

Thanks to Ro Ro shipping, large vehicles can be easily transported from one region to another by sea. For example, vehicles such as cars, trucks, tow trucks, trains can be transported by Ro-Ro ships. As "Global Logistics Services", we safely pick up cargo from any point and deliver it to any point by Ro-Ro transportation.

Also, the possibility of cargo damage and loss during loading and unloading of Ro-Ro vessels is very low. As the products are not loaded on top of each other, the possibility of external damage is eliminated.

Advantages of Ro-Ro Transport

The ro-ro shipping method, which has many advantages, is aimed at practical and fast transportation of cargo without damage. Because it is practical and fast, ships do not waste much time in ports. In this way, we also save economically. This also provides advantages in terms of time, as it allows cargoes to depart again without long waits at the port. Instead of waiting for your vehicles in long queues at border gates, you can move your cargo relatively faster and more practically with Ro-Ro shipping.

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