Transportation of goods by air

Air transport has been preferred for years to meet the fast delivery and high security procedures expected in logistics services. Air freight ensures that all customer expectations of speed are met, while at the same time ensuring that all products are transported more safely than other modes of transportation. However, due to the high prices of air transport and bad weather conditions, there are also problems such as late delivery of transport. Due to the high cost of transportation, air freight is generally preferred for the transportation of lower tonnage products.

Advantages of air transport

Air transport generally ensures that all companies and users have the products they want in a shorter time. Thus, the services of the companies are performed in a much shorter time. Air transport customs procedures are faster than other customs. It has a great advantage, especially in the transportation of fragile items. Flights and shipments can be tracked by companies.

Air transport - advantages;
  • High delivery speed;
  • Higher level of service to other modes of transport;
  • Simpler packaging;
  • Smaller insurance costs (due to shorter shipping time)

Disadvantages of air transport

The biggest disadvantage of air transport is the price. When considering other logistical transfer methods, air freight transport costs are quite high.

  • High rates;
  • Dependence on weather conditions;
  • Limitation of size and weight parameters (according to loads);

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