What is Freight Forwarding?

"What is a freight forwarder?" this question is one of the most frequently asked questions in the logistics sector. In short, we can call a freight forwarder as a company that carries out transportation on behalf of the cargo owner. Freight forwarder companies are included in the contracts because they manage the logistics processes instead of the cargo owner. The participation of Freight forwarder companies in the contracts means that they take all responsibility for the process.

The freight forwarder does the research for you. These researchs are not simple researchs, but they check the companies that will ensure that you send your cargo to its destination in the most comfortable and safe way. It then analyzes these companies and makes a choice between them. As a result of the inspection, it is decided to choose the most profitable and fastest company for transportation, and a presentation about this company is prepared for you.

Freight forwarder companies take over the most tedious part of the logistics process, is customs processes. Customs processes in particular can be very tedious at times. You need to have knowledge and experience in this field to be able to manage customs processes easily. Freight forwarder companies also control the customs processes of foreign countries.

As Global Logistics Services, we approach each of our customers individually and always keep in mind the route of cargo from the starting point to the destination point. For this reason, the cargo is delivered to the customer on time and without any problems. You can write to [email protected] about your inquiries and get an answer to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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