What is Incoterms?

It consists of the international standards adopted in relation to the relevant obligations of the parties, including the determination of costs and risks, within the framework of foreign and local contracts signed on the sale and delivery of products. These rules regulate the relationship between the parties on the issues mentioned during the delivery of the product from the seller to the buyer. The UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) has recognized the rules of INCOTERMS as a global standard.

Note: INCOTERMS rules don’t constitute a contract. These rules are used in contracts signed for the sale and delivery of products at the destination. These rules do not take legal precedence over applicable domestic laws and don’t govern transfer of title, the amount payable, currency or credit terms.



Incoterms 2020

Delivery terms


Ex Works

Loading from the seller's address


Free Carrier

Delivery at the designated place in the seller's country


Free Alongside Ship

Delivery to the agreed loading port


Free On Board

Delivery at the port


Cost and Freight

Delivery to designated port in seller's country


Cost, Insurance and Freight 

The Seller covers shipping and insurance costs


Carriage Paid to

Delivery at the point of destination with full payment of shipping costs


Carriage and Insurance Paid to

Delivery at the destination, freight and insurance paid


Delivered at Place Unloaded

Delivery unloaded at the destination


Delivered at Place

Delivery at the destination in the recipient's country


Delivered Duty Paid

Delivery at the address with all fees paid

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