What is CMR?

CMR, an abbreviation for "Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road," is a legal proof of the proper acceptance and transportation of goods in the field of road transport. It is utilized in international transportation and plays a significant role in managing the supply chain and international logistics. This document, which serves as a form of guarantee, is signed among countries that have accepted the provisions of the CMR.

The CMR document contains the following information:

1.Method of delivery
2.Name of the consignee company
3.Address of the consignee company
4.Name of the consignor company
5.Address of the consignor company
6.Place of delivery of the goods
7.Type of goods
8.Type and quantity of packaging
9.Total weight
10.Loading date
11.Loading location

It also includes information such as the vehicle's registration number as a means of identification.

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