A first in Azerbaijan's maritime history - a tanker with the highest cargo carrying capacity was commissioned

This marks a significant milestone in Azerbaijan's maritime history. Until now, the largest cargo carrying capacity utilized by our Navy was on tankers with a capacity of 13,000 deadweight tons (dwt). However, a new vessel with a cargo carrying capacity over ten times that of the previous tankers has been commissioned. The tanker, named "Shusha," will be deployed in international waters and will transport both SOCAR's and other clients' crude oil cargoes. The vessel was acquired using funds obtained through ASCO transactions.

Previously, the largest tanker utilized in Azerbaijan's maritime history had a capacity of 13,000 dwt. Therefore, the acquisition of "Aframax" type tankers, which are approximately ten times larger than the previous vessels, marks a new era for Azerbaijan's shipping industry.

It should be noted that the completion of the deployment of two other "Aframax" type tankers, namely "Karabakh" and "Zangazur," acquired under the same project, is also underway. These vessels will be put into operation in the coming weeks.
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