What is green logistics

Green Logistics
The concept of green logistics has emerged as a result of increased attention and awareness towards significant ecological problems such as erratic weather patterns and global warming. Factors such as the increase in transportation vehicles and packaging in the field of logistics can contribute to the disruption of the ecological balance, and it is predicted that there will be an increased demand for green products and services in the new world order after the impact of the pandemic.

Green Logistics Practices and Their Importance
Green logistics encompasses activities that promote environmentally friendly transportation and distribution systems, reduction of packaging and waste, and the utilization of efficient and safe packaging. With the continuous development of technology and globalization of trade, the logistics industry has also become part of this transformative process. Logistics companies aim to gain a competitive advantage by delivering their products and services to consumers in a short period of time.
On the other hand, consumers demand the use of methods that minimize the negative impacts on the environment. In a time when carbon emissions are increasing, the type of logistics that comes to the forefront aims to minimize the situations that cause harm to the environment during logistical activities. The goal of green logistics is to bring people and nature together under one roof.
In order to leave a livable world for future generations, all companies in the logistics industry should establish policies for green logistics practices. Global Logistics Services, which aligns all its activities within the framework of Environmental Management System and constantly offers innovative solutions in this regard, voluntarily works for a cleaner environment.
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