Changes in customs declarations

According to the decision of the Chairman of the State Customs Committee numbered 100/143 dated October 31, 2014, approved by the decision of the Chairman of the State Customs Committee numbered 1000/272 dated November 24, 2022, based on the amendments, additional information about the transportation vehicle and the driver must be provided in the short-term import and customs declaration. From July 24, 2023, it is mandatory to submit this information.
To comply with these requirements, please provide us with the following documents:
1. Vehicle registration certificate (technical passport) of the transportation vehicle.
2. Driver's foreign passport.
For the purpose of identification of the outgoing transportation vehicle (depending on its type), the following information should be provided:
For motor vehicles:
  • Vehicle registration number.
  • Vehicle type (passenger and/or cargo, truck).
  • Vehicle brand.
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Vehicle's empty weight according to the technical passport.
  • Year of manufacture of the vehicle.
  • Identity document of the person operating the vehicle (passport or equivalent document).
  • Surname and name of the person operating the vehicle (as indicated in the passport or equivalent document).
  • Nationality of the person operating the vehicle.
For railway transportation:
  • Number of the railway wagon or platform.
  • Country to which the wagon or platform belongs.
For maritime transportation:
  • Name of the maritime vessel.
  • IMO or registration number.
  • Type of maritime vessel (vessel carrying bulk dry cargo, bunker vessel (tanker),
  • mixed cargoes including container vessel, ferry, Ro-Ro type vessel, specialized vessel, other vessels).
For air transportation:
  • This section is not applicable for air transportation.
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